Top Reasons for Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding had been a mystery for dentists and doctors until it was found that this is the very process which can turn out to be lifesaving. Most of the doctors relate teeth grinding as a consequence of stress. This is just a reason, not the only one. According to new study, teeth grinding is basically an instinctual response that helps a person in surviving.

Teeth grinding at night

When we sleep, the muscles in entire body go to sleep as well. It means that deeper sleep puts all of the body muscles at complete and ultimate relaxation. As we known that jaw is heavy, it can block the airway for breathing when it is fully relaxed. The tongue also gets expanded and becomes doubled in size when it is fully relaxed. This ultimate relaxation of everything naturally blocks breathing airway in certain people. Now, the process of teeth grinding can open the airways because a wakeup call is sent to the concerned muscles by the brain.

It is worth mentioning here that this ‘normal’ response is only for the people who suffer sinus issues or other health conditions. An ideally healthy person sleeps well without grinding teeth.

Having that said, there are some consequences of teeth grinding that are worth discussing.

Teeth grinding means you are not sleeping well

With brain sending wakeup calls numerous times in order to open up the airway for breathing, the night sleep is subjected to consistent obstructing. This condition is also known as sleep apnea. Bad news is that this condition is not just limited to sleep disruption. When you fall asleep, the deeper state of it ensures proper release of human growth hormones (HGH). The disruption in sleep also disrupts the process of hormone release. It is worth mentioning that HGH release has numerous benefits such as anti-ageing, inflammation recovery, skin tightening and memory improvement.

Damage to teeth and jaws

This harm which you can receive from teeth grinding is pretty obvious. When the chewing surfaces of teeth are grinded with each other, it is obviously going to cause wear and tear. When the teeth get damaged, the enamel gets removed and the bacteria and bad germs find their way to infect the inner parts of the teeth. Hence, tooth decay and cavities can occur as a result.

How to treat bruxism or teeth grinding

According to new research, use of mouth guard during night sleep can make things worse because it’s not the dental health only which needs to be treated. Sleep apnea is also connected to other complications which are mentioned above. And if you are using mouth guard, you are basically saving your teeth at the cost of your health.

The best way to get it treated is to treat the root cause. This problem is usually caused when you are not able to breath properly during night. Hence, you will need to make sure that your breathing airways allow you to breath during deeper sleep. Sinus problem is a major issue which results in sleep apnea and resultant bruxism. Therefore, you can consult your family doctor or go to the dentist to get the problem treated.

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